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Personalize your vehicle with comfort and style

Create a personalized look for your vehicle. Add the perfect amount of your unique personality to stand out on the street and add comfort and style. We are the preferred choice for installation in the Twin Cities.

Sunroofs and moonroofs for cars trucks Jeeps and suvs in Minneapolis and St. Paul Twin Cities

Power Sunroof and Moonroof

Increase your style, let in the sun and stars, and have more fun with a moonroof.

Moonroofs and sunroofs provide a lot of pleasure and increase your resale value for a minimal cost. During the day, a moonroof illuminates your vehicle’s interior and provides a roomier feel. In the evening, it provides a beautiful window to the stars. 

Sunroofs and moonroofs ventilate air flow much quieter than open windows, allowing you to hear conversation and music. They improve the look and style of every vehicle, from the inside and outside. If you ever sell your vehicle, a sunroof or moonroof will bring you a higher price and trade-in value than a regular roof. 

The best feature? They are fun! There is NOTHING like cruising with the top open on a beautiful day. Automotive Concepts is the first choice for sunroof installation in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul area.

We install power sunroofs and moonroofs from leading brands Webasto and and Signature.

Webasto has been developing and manufacturing quality sunroofs for more than 60 years. Signature sunroofs are widely recognized as some of the nation’s most popular lines of sunroofs. They are made in America and trusted by millions of drivers.

Painted Spoilers

A spoiler is simple way to customize your vehicle with added style.

Our high quality spoilers, side moldings, scoops and other vehicle body enhancements are a simple way to add a lot of style to your factory look. You can go subtle or go big. You have hundreds of options and we match your vehicle’s color exactly for a streamlined custom look that is all your own.

We install spoilers from Dawn, California Dream, and other top name brands.

Every rear deck spoiler from Dawn Enterprises is OEM quality and carefully manufactured to fit your vehicle perfectly. Every painted spoiler is guaranteed to match the factory color of your car and Dawn backs this promise with a 5 year warranty. 

California Dream by AAC is a premier manufacturer of OE and custom style spoilers. California Dream spoilers use a computer-matched paint system to guarantee a seamless and stylish look for any vehicle.

Vinyl wraps for cars trucks Jeeps and suvs in Minneapolis and St. Paul Twin Cities

Vinyl Wraps

Protect your vehicle’s paint finish with our invisible vinyl wrap or change your entire look with new colors and textures.

Our clear vinyl film (historically known as Clear-Bra but available under different brand names) protects your vehicle’s most exposed paint surfaces from road salt, dirt, bugs and gravel. With our low prices, it’s one of the best investments you can make to keep your finish looking like new. You can choose to protect your most vulnerable areas (bumper, hood, door handle wells, and trunk) or opt for a complete wrap for ultimate peace-of-mind. You can select an invisible wrap for protection or change your finish completely with a color or graphic vinyl wrap across your whole vehicle or on individual sections. Your vehicle will continue to look showroom-ready for years.

Our quality vinyl wraps from 3M and Avery Dennison provide unmatched style and long-lasting durability. 

3M Wrap Film Series 1080 and Series 2080 allow distinctive designs that stand out on the street. With more than 100 colors, our selection of 3M vinyl car wraps offer an unparalleled combination of shades, textures and finishes – including carbon fiber 1080 and 2080 — to give you a truly unique design that turns heads. 

Avery Dennison vinyl wraps deliver dynamic colors and film effects for your car, truck, or SUV. The Supreme Wrapping™ Film and MPI 1105 digital wrapping film take command of soft, subtle hues and bold, bright colors for a variety of custom effects and graphic finishes. Premium vinyl vehicle wraps, chrome accent film and SW900 Supreme Wrapping Film™ from Avery Dennison combine style with performance, versatility and easy application for a stunning transformation of any vehicle.

Window Tint

Improve your vehicle’s appearance while protecting your vehicle’s interior, and your own privacy, eyes and skin with window tint.

Tinted windows block the sun’s harmful UV rays, reduce interior fading, increase privacy, and extend the life of your vehicle. We use only high-quality, scratch-resistant window tinting film for a great look and a long life. Window tint also reduces glare, which provides a safer driving experience. 

In addition, tinting greatly reduces interior heat, saving energy and providing a safe and comfortable driving and riding experience for adults, children, and infants. Our window tint is available in a variety of shades and colors for all vehicles and styles. Our experienced technicians install window tint for a long life and guarantee your satisfaction.

LLumar® automotive window tint gives your vehicle’s glass a sleek, custom look. Select from Ceramic Auto Tint, Metallized Auto Tint, Dyed Auto Tint, and Clear Auto Tint. LLumar window tint prevents the sun’s undesirable side effects: excessive air conditioning use, scorching hot surfaces on your dash, steering wheel and seats, eye-irritating glare, and harmful UV ray exposure. Ask us about LLumar’s tint simulator to preview all of our available shades.

Window tint and tinting for cars trucks Jeeps and suvs in Minneapolis and St. Paul Twin Cities
Chrome delete for cars trucks Jeeps and suvs in Minneapolis and St. Paul Twin Cities

Chrome Delete

Chrome Delete is a fast and cost-effective way to modernize your vehicle’s style.

Chrome delete uses a vinyl wrap to cover – or “delete” –  the factory chrome trim on your vehicle. The result is a modern style that changes the look and protects vulnerable areas. Select a full matte “blackout” or “full-color” package for the hottest look or pick and choose from our other matte and gloss options. 

Chrome delete also  protects your factory chrome from damage and fingerprints. It reduces heat and keeps door handles cool under the summer sun. And it is a great way to customize your vehicle’s appearance to give it a look that is uniquely yours. We install chrome delete on window trim, grilles, headlight rings, door handles and chrome trim.


Add front-end protection and custom style with our selection of front grilles.

Add a statement of style, a new rugged look, or a classy upgrade with a replacement front grille on your car, truck, or SUV. Whether it is an upgrade from your factory front-end or a replacement for a damaged grille, a new grille provides a way to make your vehicle uniquely yours. 

Select from hundreds of options and styles, including mesh grilles, chrome grilles, rugged grilles, classic grilles, modern grilles and more to fit every make and model. We can also install custom lettering across your grille for a bolder statement.

We install grilles manufactured by industry-leading brands including Trim Illusion, Trex, and more, giving you hundreds of great-looking options for your vehicle.

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