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Are you shopping truck toppers? We also offer a complete category for your commercial fleet needs. Everything from Cargo and Shelving to electronics like Power Locks, Windows, and Safety Warning Systems can make sure your company is up-fitted for a safe and productive job.

Toppers and Lids

Get ready for your week and weekends with a truck cap, lid, or rack.

Make the most of your every job or outdoor adventure with a topper, truck cap, rack or lid that fits your working week or weekends. Select from cab-high, high-rise, or commercial options, we have the perfect fit and colors to match your truck and JEEP. Add racks for your jobsite or recreation needs and turn your truck into a true utility vehicle.

We install high-quality toppers, truck caps and lids from leading brands such as A.R.E.® and others.

A.RE.® is the largest single brand manufacturer of truck caps and hard tonneau covers in the U.S.A. Truck toppers from A.R.E. feature extra reinforcement on cap corners and stress areas, high fiberglas content for optimal strength, and DuPont OE paint to match your paint code perfectly. You can even select remote keyless entry that locks and unlocks your truck cap with your truck’s power locks.

Ladder Racks

Transport your ladders easily, safely and conveniently.

Pick up truck utility and ladder racks add functionality to your work vehicle. We install anodized aluminum and powder coated steel pickup truck racks for hauling lumber, ladders, pipe, conduit, scaffolding and other construction materials.

We install durable ladder and utility racks from Weatherguard and Kargomaster.

Shelving and Workstations

Turn your truck into a jobsite workhorse and mobile office.

Extend your truck or van’s effectiveness with custom shelving for your tools and supplies. We can transform your vehicle into a mobile office with a built-in workstation. Work from the jobsite instead of waiting until you return to your office. Stay organized, connected and keep your workflow moving for maximum efficiency and profit. Talk to our experts for ideas on storage solutions, security, and workspace that fits your workday.

We install truck shelving and workstations from Weatherguard and Kargomaster.

Power Inverters

Turn your truck or van into a jobsite power source.

Built-in power inverters on your truck or van are indispensable on the job site. Power inverters open up new business opportunities when city power is just not available. We install dependable hard-working power inverters that are reliable and safe, preventing down time. Select an industrial inverter charger to power large loads from an auxiliary battery bank or opt for a compact inverter to charge your cell phones, laptops and small tools. they can be used in place of — or alongside — generators.

We install Cobra power inverters for your work truck.

GPS Tracking

Track your vehicles for commercial fleet and business use and for personal security.

GPS vehicle tracking systems are an excellent option for commercial fleet vehicles and for private vehicles. For commercial fleet and business use, GPS trackers let you know where your company’s vehicles are located to track your drivers and employees. For your private vehicle, a GPS tracker allows you and the police to know the location of your vehicle if it is ever stolen. A quality advanced-technology OBD vehicle tracker can alert you if someone attempts to disable the device.

 We install top name brands including Voxx GPS tracking systems and Guidepoint GPS tracking systems.

Safety Warning Systems

Blind-Spot Monitoring helps you avoid accidents in traffic.

Blind-spot monitoring systems are one of the most effective technologies available on the road today. Blind-spot monitoring systems consists of numerous detection devices located around the exterior of your work truck or van. These small devices are engineered to sense the movement of traffic in areas that are hard for you to see with only the side and rearview mirrors. The blind-spot monitoring system alerts you to possible danger with a visible light or alarm on the mirror or dash, a warning sound, and in some systems the driver’s seat vibrates.

BrandmotionVoxxAdventGCH are among the top safety warning system brands we install.

Cargo Solutions

Keep your tools organized, secure and accessible with truck cargo solutions.

Maximize your jobsite efficiency with our cargo storage solutions. Built-in toolboxes are a popular upgrade and keep tools secure and handy. We also offer removable toolboxes and bins, truck bed slide drawers,  racks and shelving solutions. Talk to our experts for ideas on how you can maximize space, prevent theft, and keep your tools and other cargo organized and secure on the road and on site.

Custom Graphics and Lettering

Personalize your ride with an unlimited selection of pre-designed and custom graphics.

Update the style of your fleet, truck or van with our vinyl applications of striping, lettering, and promotional graphics. Advertise your business with your logo, name and contact information. Or add some spark to your factory finish with custom graphics across the hood, side doors and back window cut and applied by our professional technicians. Our experts can help you find the perfect look for your vehicles.

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