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 The latest in vehicle technology

We offer the latest in vehicle technology to make your drive safer and more comfortable. Our team can upgrade your vehicle with products such as Radar Protection, Park Assist, Blind Spot and Rear View Camera systems. Automotive Concepts is the preferred vehicle electronics accessories installer in the greater Minneapolis area.

LED Lighting

Personalize your vehicle with eye-catching LED lights.

Add flash, safety and personality to your vehicle with our selection of LED lighting accessories. LED light kits range from soft and subtle to attention-grabbing displays. Interior and exterior LED lighting is available in hundreds of colors and configurations. You can make your interior glow and add exterior and underbody LED for eye-catching looks. 

Many options include remote control or even smartphone control to change your look on the go. Our options include LED & HID Headlight & Daytime Running Light Kits, Professional Grade and Street Level LED Strip Lights, Professional Grade LED Auto Replacement Bulbs, Motorcycle LED Strip Kits,  Door Ghost Light Kits, Underbody LED Lighting, LED tape, POD strips, Light Bars, Off-Road Lights, Fog Lights and LED headlights. We install LED lights on cars, trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, motorcycles, Broncos, and almost any vehicle.

Radar / Laser Protection Systems

Prevent expensive speeding tickets with our custom installed radar and laser detectors.

A radar/laser detector helps save you from expensive speeding tickets. It is also a reminder to slow down in heavy traffic areas, schools, and bad weather. Radar guns measure speed via specific radio waves. Laser guns measure light reflection and are more accurate. It is important to install a detector that monitors both radar and laser signals. Many new radar and laser detectors now include App Connectivity (via Bluetooth or WiFi) that combines your GPS location with real time traffic reports and a preloaded database of red light and radar cameras on your route.  

Smart/Learning detectors remember high-risk enforcement areas and remind you the next time you enter those zones. And the latest technology virtually eliminates false alerts. The use of detectors in private vehicles is legal in all states, with the exception of Virginia and Washington DC. Minnesota and California prohibit affixing items to windshields, so we recommend custom installed systems.

Police laser guns — known as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) — are short-range (typically 1000 feet) and pinpoint accurate. 

We sell and install the latest radar and laser detectors from K40, Radenso and more. The detectors detect the latest variable pulse rate (VPR) guns used today.

K40 Laser Defusers™  provide long-range 360 degree police radar detection with the K40 Platinum360 and dual receiver protection. Or select K40 Platinum200 single receiver protection. K40 is so confident in their Laser Defusers that they include a one-year Ticket-Free Guarantee. 

Radenso offers a variety of radar and laser detection options, including the Radenso DS1, Theia, XP, Pro M, and RC M. Radenso units can include GPS, auto lockouts, Bluetooth, USB-C, a color OLED display, magnetic mount, audio jack, stealth to radar detector detectors, and unmatched customization. The Radenso DS1 has extreme range and a one year ticket free guarantee.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Enjoy hundreds of digital commercial-free music, sports, news, talk and comedy everywhere you drive.

Satellite radio is one of the most popular in-car entertainment options of the 21st Century. SiriusXM satellite radio offers hundreds of commercial-free music, sports, news, comedy and talk at your fingertips. Select your favorite genre of music and even your favorite artist. Satellite radio uses a digital radio signal, offering crystal clear audio with no reception interruptions wherever you travel. 

And SiriusXM satellite radio provides metadata like song titles and artist information right on the display. SiriusXM satellite radio offers a variety of packages depending on your listening needs, starting as low as $10.99 a month. Our professional installation results in a seamless look in your dash.

Rear View Camera Systems

Improve safety and eliminate accidents with a rear view camera.

Every vehicle has a rear blind zone. That blind zone is about 25 feet for a minivan or SUV and 50 feet for pickup trucks. Rear View Cameras allow you to verify that the space behind your vehicle is clear of children, toys, tools and other items. You can be assured of safety in any driveway or busy parking lot. 

We install backup cameras and warning systems that match your vehicle’s exterior and provide simple monitoring devices on your dash or rearview mirror. Most back-over accidents take place in residential driveways or parking lots. Improve safety and reduce accidents and damage with a custom-installed rear view camera.

Brandmotion, Voxx, Advent, GCH are among the top rearview camera systems brands we install.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Blind-Spot Monitoring helps you avoid accidents in traffic.

Blind-spot monitoring systems are one of the most effective technologies available on the road today. Blind-spot monitoring systems consists of numerous detection devices located around the exterior of your vehicle. 

These small devices are engineered to sense the movement of traffic in areas that are hard for you to see with only the side and rearview mirrors. The blind-spot monitoring system alerts you to possible danger with a visible light or alarm on the mirror or dash, a warning sound, and in some systems the driver’s seat vibrates.

We install trusted radar and camera blind spot monitoring systems from Advent and Brandmotion.

Park Assist

Parallel parking and tight spaces are simple with Park Assist Systems.

Park Assist — or Parking Guidance System (PGS) — is an automated parking aid that helps you park with precision, using guidance system technology that rivals ultrasonic and camera-based technology. Park Assist makes parallel parking a breeze and helps minimize the chances of scratches and dings when steering into tight spaces on streets and in parking lots and parking garages. Intelligent Parking Assist System (IPAS) — or  Advanced Parking Guidance System (APGS) — assists drivers by using computer processors tied to multiple sensors. With IPA, your car itself steers into a parking spaces. 

We install park assist systems for all vehicles from Advent, Voxx, and Brandmotion.

Power Liftgates

Open your lift gate with a touch or a sweep of your foot for maximum convenience.

A power liftgate is a motorized hatch that opens and closes electronically on your SUV, crossover or minivan. You can activate the system by pressing a button inside your vehicle, on your key fob, or on the hatch itself. You can also opt for a hands-free foot kick sensor beneath the hatch that opens the lift gate with a simple swipe of your foot. Power liftgates are convenient at the grocery, on the worksite, or anywhere that you find yourself with a armful of cargo.  

We install power liftgates from Voxx, Advent, and Autoease.

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